about the breed Maine Coon
Origin and description of the breed
Maine Coon is a Manx raccoon, the first word comes from the name of the Northern state of Maine, where these cats first appeared, and the second word is related to the typical external similarities of this cat and raccoon.
Farmers used hunting skills and natural instincts of these animals.

There is a perception that the representatives of this breed is inherent in the habits of the dog. The first known Maine Coon was a cat named Captain Jensen, who performed at the Boston and new York exhibitions in 1861. After that the breed became very popular all over the planet, today in Russia Maine coons are gaining more and more popularity. Despite the high price, many people give birth to them and love.


Historical information
The origin and description of Maine coons is associated with the Navigator Charles Coon, who traveled by ship with their Pets-representatives of long – haired breeds. Wandering the lands of New England, his cats mated with the local, which resulted in their unusual litter fluffy and large in size of kittens. This story made famous Maine coons as "kun cats", so they were nicknamed by the long-time inhabitants of these places.

Signs of Maine Coon breed
The business card of the Maine Coon is a large head and paws, slanting eyes and high ears with brushes, a powerful Constitution and a long fluffy tail. Than not domestic lynx?!

Unique appearance dictates the following standards and description:
Body. A large rectangular body with developed and massive muscles, a large head and strong limbs, a wide chest and a very long tail.
Head. Large head with straight and sharp outlines, with a large nose and raised cheekbones.
Light. Almond-shaped eyes are wide apart, their color is in harmony with the General shade of the animal.
Ears. Large ears wide at the base are high and vertical, they are pointed and end with brushes typical for Maine coons, like lynx.
Chin. A strong and large chin is located in one line with the lips and nose.
Tail. A long and bushy tail should reach the shoulder, it is wide at the base and slightly tapering to the tip.
Paws. Chunky medium length, the paws, between the toes there are small woolen tufts.
Harlequin. Nature has awarded the breed a variety of shades of wool. They have a Siamese, red, chocolate, white, peach and black colors.
Wool. Head and shoulders of the animal is covered with short hair that is longer on the back, sides and stomach. The cover hair falls smoothly, it is hard to touch, there is a thick and lush undercoat. The neck can be a frill or collar.
The weight of a large female can reach 9-10 kg, male - up to 11-12 kg, the average body weight of the animal is 7-8 kg. Kittens are born weighing up to 150 to 170 grams, for comparison, the weight of an ordinary calf is only 70-110 grams.
Age. Live Maine coons average between 10 to 12 years, centenarians marked 15-16 years of age.A description of the nature of the cat breed Maine Coon
The unique appearance is accompanied by no less interesting description of the nature and habits of these animals. That's why Maine coons are special:

Sociability and interpersonal skills. A description of the nature of the Maine Coon breed begins with the fact that they hate being alone. On the contrary, they should be in the center of attention and in the midst of all the events that occur in the house. Cats sleep a little, like to contemplate from the side, perfectly adjust to the rhythm of life of the owners – in General, over time become equal members of the family.
Kindness and friendliness. Description of the cat breed Maine Coon can be described as absolutely not aggressive. There is no such thing that they began to produce claws and hiss during the game, as it often happens with other breeds. Their fearsome appearance does not coincide with the good and soft soul.
Intelligence and resourcefulness. The intelligence of Maine coons is at the highest level, cats can learn many commands and games, it is understandable, logical, intelligent and resourceful animals. They can open the door with their paws, bring various objects, go to the toilet, catch toys, eat from the paw, stand on the hind legs and so on.
Playfulness and curiosity. Until the very old Maine Coon everything is interesting, he leads an active life and remains a "child", a bully and a naughty girl. Apparently the rest of these cats gives them a hidden instinct.
Love and affection. There is no limit of love and affection of these Pets, but it does not mean that they will sit on their hands. Maine coons show their love this way: RUB the feet, are adjacent, contrary to the tradition, purr and poked the muzzle. Description of the favorite habit of Maine Coon of any age - is to sleep with the owner.
Activity and freedom. Walking for Maine Coon is a necessary and important attribute of their life. They will walk in any weather, quickly get used to the collar and leash. Description on the street: behave calmly, will not run away and hide.
Openness and liveliness are the main features of the Maine Coon breed. They can live in any family. If the environment of the Maine Coon are many children that he would choose his pet. With small kids, the cat is polite and tactful, never touches the baby. If the house has other Pets, no matter cats, birds, rodents or dogs, Maine Coon will be a great friend and friend.
Neatness and cleanliness. For all its grace, a Maine Coon can be clumsy-throwing food around a plate, spilling water, overturning something on the floor. In respect of toilet and hygiene, these cats are extremely neat and clean.

Habits, and habits of the Maine Coon
Description Maine Coon contradicts the external severity and menace of the animal, in reality it is a friendly and playful cat, at the sight of which you want to smile. They get along well with children, play and protect them. Contraindication to the establishment of Maine Coon can only be an allergic reaction to the animal's hair, as they are prone to molting almost all year round.

Maine Coon Pets are not afraid of harsh winter conditions – a special form of paw is designed to walk on snow, dense water-repellent wool and a huge fluffy tail, which can hide and hide from the severe frost.

The interesting question is: what sets of cats of breed Maine Coon cats? According to physiological parameters and description males are much larger than females. According to the owners, cats are more affectionate and gentle, but more independent and independent. At the same time, females are better hunters than the representatives of the opposite sex. The most vividly predatory instinct wakes up in them when the offspring are born. In behavior to the owner of the male resembles the "faithful dog", senses of loyalty and gratitude to the Maine Coon has no limits.


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